Golden trinity

She passed her exams and was allowed to choose a beautiful piece of jewellery. She picked this set of rings, she can wear together, but also well apart from each other. The small diamonds are from an inherited ring.


14 Carat gold, diamonds and topaz.


On request.

The price of gold fluctuates constantly so the retail price of my jewellery may vary. Please contact me for a current estimate.

This ring can also be made by commission. The final design will differ slightly. For example, different gemstones can be chosen. This means your commissioned pieces will still be unique. Do you have old gold jewellery that is unused? The gold may be repurposed into making these earrings. That way you not only preserve the material, but also the memories attached to them. Creation and delivery, in this case, would take 4 weeks.



Beautiful Dieuwke, i’m very happy with the ring! I thank my husband for this wonderful gift.