Premio Incinque Jewels is the flagship event of the Roma Jewelry Week 2022. It is an international prize competition that intends to promote the culture of contemporary jewelry in Rome. The contest is promoted by Incinque Open Art Monti Cultural Association in Rome and it is edited by Project Director Monica Cecchini, Architect, Designer, and Art Event curator, Open Art Monti Cultural Association’s President and founder of the Roma Jewelry Week project.
The Premio Incinque Jewels will be the main event of Roma Jewelry Week second edition, which aims to enhance the contemporary jewel, artist’s jewel, and the historical goldsmiths to offer the public a high cultural value that exalts the great cultural heritage of the city, connecting the most interesting realities in the field. Jewelry designers and the excellence of the Roman goldsmiths, jewel boutiques, art galleries, academies, and associations based in Rome are the protagonists of this event.

The contest aims to celebrate and showcase some of the most talented artists of contemporary jewelry. The project wants to enhance and promote talent and artistic excellence, demonstrating that contemporary art and creativity coexist with technology and innovation, with tradition and antique goldsmith techniques, converging into unique and precious jewels tell stories.

Premio Incinque Jewels 3rd Edition exhibition will take place from October 14th to 16th 2022 at an archaeological site in Rome, dated 30 b.C.

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